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Professional civil liability

De Angelis & Associés defends companies and professionals whose civil liability is sought in the various sectors of economic activity. Our firm has developed recognized expertise in the field of liability of the legally regulated professions: accounting, real estate and healthcare.

Civil liability of the regulated professions

Scope of intervention

  • Law: lawyers, auctioneers, bailiffs, insurance brokers,
  • Accounting: chartered accountants
  • Real estate: real estate diagnosticians, expert engineer surveyors, real estate agents, co-ownership trustees
  • Healthcare: pharmaceutical companies, doctors.

General professional civil liability

Representative cases in general civil liability

  • Litigation relating to the construction and delivery of train set
  • Litigation following the derailment of a train
  • Disputes relating to the design of industrial prototypes
  • Disputes relating to the construction of an oceanographic vessel

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