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Product liability

Lawyers for manufacturers and product traders

De Angelis & Associés represents clients in product liability, in the defence of manufacturers and traders of industrial consumer and health products, whose liability is sought on the basis of the defective product regime, the guarantee against hidden defects or the contractual non-compliance.

The firm has acquired recognized expertise in this field, which allows us to intervene effectively in the management, amicable or judicial, of serial damages, including assistance in the implementation of a product recall campaign.

Representative Business

  • Defence of a photovoltaic panel manufacturer in the event of a serial damage
  • Defence of a manufacturer in connection with a claim relating to the corrosion of industrial storage water heaters installed in a hospital
  • Defense of a pharmaceutical company within the framework of a care protocol
  • Defense of a trader in litigation related to the supply of a non-market food product
  • Defence of a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment implicated in the aftermath of fires

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